Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I had a 9:50 dentist appointment this morning. I got there about 10-15 minutes early but I didn't have to wait and I got right in. My teeth were okay but Dr Drew found a piece of tooth coming down where a tooth had been pulled and he wants to get it out. Since I take medicine for osteoporosis, he wants to know what medicine it is. There might be a problem of some sort. He said he could do it or he would send me to an oral surgeon.

I had to stop by Sam's to get some things. I never get out of that place without spending a lot of money, but it was things we needed.

I had to go by Sear's to take back a pair of sandals I had bought from Land's End, and from there I walked through the Mall to the Shoe Dept. I needed a new pair of tennis shoes. I found a pair of Nikes
 that I liked and got another pair of Skechers that you just slip your foot into-like a clog. I hope I will enjoy both pair. Since it's summer, I should have looked for another pair of sandals. Maybe later.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

I went to Trudy's house today. I left here around 11:30 AM. George's family was coming over too, and Trudy wanted me to come over early. George's two brothers and their families came but his parents didn't feel well enough to make it. There were lots of children of various ages there. I came home at 6:00 PM. I brought Dad some ribs, potato salad and some cole slaw.

I've really been having fun reading on my Kindle. I'm reading material I wouldn't have read in my younger years. In fact, I never really like to read that much for pleasure. Now, with the Kindle, I'm really enjoying reading.

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning. I'll have to leave here by 8:50 or so to get there on time. I remembered to medicate this time. I took one antibiotic tonight, will take one in the morning and one tomorrow night. It's because I had my knees replaced in '09.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Night

It's been a good day. Rather busy in a calm sort of way. I did three loads of clothes, cooked lunch, and have spent the lasts hour on the computer looking for new books for my Kindle. I finished a thriller called Cracked-Up and decided to get some more adventure books. I've been reading the customer reviews on the three books that I downloaded. One, The Righteous, is about a murder in the FLDS church(Fundamentalist Latter-Day Saint). Of the three books I downloaded, I'll probably read this one first. Reading on the Kindle is great. I haven't liked to read previously because the print is so small, but one can get the print any size they want on the Kindle and it's easy on the eyes.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friend's House.

Since I didn't get to bed until after 12:00 AM, I didn't get up for exercise today, but slept in.  I did go to Curves after lunch. There's a holiday Monday, Memorial Day, I believe, so Curves won't be open neither will the Senior Center. I'll probably have to teach class Friday because I think Jan said Steve went to the Dr that Friday.

Wanda called and said Mike was cooking some ribs and wondered if I'd like to come over and join them. We got caught up on our gossip while Mike cooked the ribs. Charlie is learning the black smith's trade and was out back pounding on some iron. We had a nice meal, chatted a while and then I had to come home.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wellness Center

Frank had an appointment at the Wellness Center to see a PT for his hip pain. He got a through exam by Marty. I remember him from the time I went there for physical therapy. Frank has to make appointments to go back. We needed to come home and consult the calendar in order to make the appointments. I hope they can help him for he can hardly walk now.

I cooked the rest of the pork chops in the pressure cooker tonight. I cooked them the amount of time suggested, 15 minutes, but they were still tough! I couldn't believe it! I made a note in the cookbook to cook them longer the next time...if there will be a next time!

We are supposed to get some bad weather tonight and tomorrow. The Mid-West is getting the tornadoes but the tail end of the rain should hit us. Memphis is in line for a tornado. I hope it misses the town. I hope it will not touch down at all. There's a volcano erupting in Iceland and all this bad tornado weather, surely God is speaking through the weather!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tuesday, So,So Day

I slept in and then went to Curves. I just gave it a half- hearted try. I got plenty of steps out of it. I was feeling a bit down when I went to Karen's. We talked about what was troubling me and I feel much better now. We studied about Noah.

I'm going to give this diet one month. If I don't loose any weight on it, I'm eating too much. I haven't had anything sweet (there was sugar in the cereal I was eating but I haven't eaten any thing sweet) and except for 1/2 piece of bread I eat before going to sleep, I've cut out bread. I've cut down on the milk I drink too, but when I remembered that my fingernails go to pot if I don't drink milk, I'm going to add milk back into the diet. My problem is that I don't cook like an average homemaker does. With Frank's dietary restrictions, I don't cook much at all. I have some pork chops I can thaw and cook in the pressure cooker and maybe that will make them tender. I got the pressure cooker to cook the beans in but the directions said not to cook bean in it! And the meat I cooked in it didn't really get tender. I guess I didn't cook it long enough.

Going to the temple Thursday afternoon.

We got a Kindle and I think I finally got a book I might enjoy. The first two books I got were about dark and miserable characters and I don't need that kind of book to read! I found one that had lots of good reviews and ordered it. I just typed in adventure books and found a lot of books offered. This one is about a mentally ill man that accomplishes great things. Hope I like it.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hospital Visit

Frank got a heart monitor today at the hospital. He'll wear it for a month and it will record any irregularities is his heart rate. He can push a button on it if he experiences any disturbances. It took about an hour to get there and have everything done and get back home.

I taught the exercise class today but didn't go to Curves. I hate to be on a schedule, even if it is for my sake, and decided to go home instead. I can go tomorrow. We'll be doing scripture study tomorrow too since we had the hospital visit today. I like to have things to do on Tuesday and Thursdays that are my slow days.

I think it's time to get some new tennis shoes. I've had my present ones for two years and thanks for getting good ones plus wearing sandals in the summer time I've been able to make the tennis shoes last longer. The cheaper ones I used to buy would need replacing every 6 months or so.

Got birthday cards ready to send to Rachel and Luke. Rachel's b'day is in 3-4 days and Luke's is June 3rd. I'm usually late with b'day cards but this year I'll be early. Sadie has a birthday in June and so does Frank. Today is the 23rd and I panicked because I thought It was his birthday today! I've bought two shirts for him for Father's Day and I could have given him one today. He loves anything electronic, but I'm not educated in what to buy him in electronics.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Good Saturday

I went to Christy's baby shower this morning and had a good time. I was concerned that I would be the only "old" person there but I wasn't. Mary Lou was there and a couple of the girl's mothers were there also. We had two other small, crawling and almost crawling babies and later the Toone triplets came. They are 11 months old and quite chubby for triplets. We had a light lunch and then opened presents. My two baby towels and 6 cloth diapers were well received. Christy even liked the home made card I included. I forgot to get a card at the store and had to use one of mine.

This afternoon, we vacuumed and I changed the sheets on the bed and Frank was working in his room. It's been a good Saturday.

Friday, May 20, 2011

End of the Week

I taught at exercise today. Jan had to take Steve to the Dr. She taught for me Monday. Afterwards I went to Curves and then to Walmart too return a duffel bag. I got two more that were smaller and two plastic containers and two baby towels and a package of cloth diapers.There's a baby shower for Christy tomorrow and Karen wanted me to go with her. I wasn't really invited but I expect no one will know. One sister was planning it all but came down with MS and another sister took over for her and she probably doesn't know who was invited. I'm taking gifts and I figure no one will turn me away at the door!

I got 5601 steps in today. Really more because I will be walking around until I go to bed, but it's good to take it out of my pocket now.  Being active is easy when I leave home. At home I don't do much active stuff.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Regular Day

The wheels for the refrigerator came in, they were back ordered, and the man from Jay's Appliance came and put them on. When we had the floors done, one of the wheels broke when the refrigerator was moved. That's the last appliance we will buy from Sear's. They used to make good appliances but now they build in times for them to wear out.

I only went 1316 steps today. Part of the morning the pedometer wasn't recording, but I still wasn't moving too much today. Tomorrow, I teach the exercise class and go to Curves. I rack up steps at Curves. I'll be going to Walmart too, to exchange the duffel bag I got and get a couple of smaller ones.

I ordered two light sweaters and shells from Land's end. I usually can't figure out how to order from them, but today I did. If I don't like them, I can take them back to Sear's and return them. It's still cool enough for a light wrap at church. The  piano sits in front of a vent of the air conditioning in the Primary room and I get chilly in short sleeves. Hopefully these sweaters will be fine and I'll have two more items I can wear Spring and Fall and Winter.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Good Step Day

So far I've gotten 4894 steps in for today. That's the most steps I've gotten since I've been wearing the pedometer. I went to Curves and to Walmart today and that's what racked up the steps for me. At one point, in Walmart, I was lost! I was looking for the pens and had stopped to get a plastic container and then didn't know where I was! I kept walking and finally found the pens and then I knew where I was. Walmart is a BIG store.

I bought a lot of groceries that I don't usually buy. My diet calls for more protein than I usually eat so I got some pork chops and fish and shrimp. The refrigerator is over flowing. The pork chops were thick and I am used to the thin ones. They were tough pan fried so I'll have to slow cook them to make them tender. I made some more Quinoa (keen-wa). It says to use 1 cup of water to 1/2 cup of Quinoa but I make a cup and it swells up like rice. I have quinoa for several days now! That's what I like, left-overs. I bought a duffel bag for $12.00, but it's too big for what I want it for. I need to divide up the food in our 72-hour kit so we'll be able to carry it if necessary. I saw an $8.00 one that was smaller. That's a good price for I was thinking about getting back packs for the purpose and they would really be expensive.  

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day of Pain

Dad went too see Dr Walker today. He's going to have to wear a heart monitor and we have an appointment at the hospital for that. He also got a prescription to go to the Wellness Center for physical therapy. His left leg and hip were hurting him a lot this afternoon. I had to help him do his weekly pills today. It's not too hard, just requires me to stand a lot. I can do it and he can't.

I'll go to Curves tomorrow and buy some groceries. I had my first day on the protein-carb-fat diet. I certainly got lots of food. I have to buy some food like chicken and fish and some fruit, probably frozen. We have apples usually all the time plus bananas. I'll miss my cold cereal each morning. I walked down the road today and my legs really complained! I'll need to do it more often. I forgot my walking stick.

We got the yard cut today. It has been raining so much, that the Sims have gotten behind in their mowing. The yard looks good. It's been cooler the last couple of days. We already had a day in the 90's, so I guess the heat is on it's way.

The papers are still showing the devastation the tornadoes of May 27th made. Dr Walker's house had a tree fall on it. We were very blessed the tornadoes passed us by.

Monday, May 16, 2011

No Exercise Today

Jan substituted for my Monday class since I did her class Friday. I was lazy today. I went to the pharmacy at 10:30 AM and didn't go to Curves since I was going to Karen's house for scripture study at 1 PM. I was out of beans so we had eggs for lunch.

My diet books came in and I have been trying to understand them this afternoon. It's all about the ratio of protein to carbs to fat. I'll be eating no bread so there goes my favorite breakfast of cold cereal, but I don't usually eat any bacon and I can have turkey or pork or beef bacon. I have more studying and understanding to do plus grocery shopping. I know I can't eat anymore of the protein bars I love so much. No sugar and only Stevia for a sweetener.  I'll have to begin a walking program to get some exercise besides Curves and I've been wearing a pedometer to check on how many steps I take in a day. Today was bad! I've only made 1080 steps today. My highest day has been 2739. I used to have a book that told me how many steps to increase each day, but I don't know where the book is plus I'm too old to want to walk a whole lot!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Saturday, Saturday

Did the usual things for a Saturday. Cooked, vacuumed (Dad did that), made up next weeks meds. I had to stop and make a run to Walmart for some Prevacid. I didn't want to go a week without any. I have a one track mind. I could have gotten some bananas there, but my mine was only on the Prevacid.

We got 2 DVD's from the Arthritis Foundation on doing Tai Chi. We did a few moves and then stopped. It will be interesting to see if it does any good. The Dr leading it said it would make your body stronger, etc. It's slow enough. It's something Frank can do, too.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Up

The Blogger has been down the last few days. Nothing exciting has happened. I taught the exercise class today for Jan had to take Steve to the Dr. Things went well and I enjoyed teaching. I needed to stop by the PO to send a package back. The sky was dark and one of the ladies said we were to have bad weather so I came on home instead of going to buy groceries and going by Curves.

Tomorrow is the Saturday that all the neighbors on the road gather at Shoney's to eat breakfast together. Last month I couldn't go because Mary Kate and I went to Knoxville to see Frankie. I have some food storage pamphlets I was going to give to everyone there but I was afraid that there might be criticism about it, so I decided too bring the pamphlets and just put them on the table beside me and invite anyone that wants one to take one.

Frank's right hip is really giving him pain. He has to stand up to do anything and this hip pain is getting to be too much. I went to see Dr Walker Thursday about my right shoulder pain. I went by the hospital today and got an X-ray. Hopefully, I can find out why it's hurting so much. The Arthrotec keeps the pain in the background but I need to know why it's hurting in the first place.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

No Exercise

Didn't go to exercise today. I had to go to H'ville to pick up Frank's Rx. I did go to Curves on my way. I think Mary Kate is right about Curves. There's no way to increase the weights we use so how can we get stronger? Do more reps I guess. It takes me 45 minutes to do 32 reps on all the machines. I am glad to go to Curves and I know it's making my body stronger.

I got another chair DVD today. I did the first DVD and it was pretty tame. I need to do the ones I like that require more effort. I used the 1 lb weights today and maybe next time I use weights, I will use the 2 lb ones. I go to the Dr tomorrow about the pain in my right shoulder. It doesn't hurt when I'm at Curves, well maybe a little, but it feels much better after a good work out.

My friend Wanda just called and told me about their ordeal with the tornado of the 27th. They were lucky, the Lord was watching out for them, to be alive. They're living in town now, on South street so I'll have to go visit them.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Day

Stayed up this morning. Had planned to go to Curves today but I won't be going. I have to stay around the house. Frank needs help doing his pills. The contractor is here now to get paid for the work already done. He's been helping victims of the tornadoes two weeks ago. Our work can wait if he's helping others.

I cooked a new grain last night. It's pronounced "keen-wah". Don't know how to spell the real name. The grain was pretty good. It said it was a complete protein by itself. It seems to be filling. Don't know if I'll include it in our meal plans or not. It came in a small box and I used most of it the first time I cooked it.

I have bought a diet called The Flat Belly Solution. It was created by a nutritionist so I thought it would be healthy and you don't have to count calories. It was a series on the internet but I could buy a hard copy, which I did. I don't really like to spend too much time reading from the computer screen. I only want to loose 7 lbs which doesn't seem like much, but on a 4'10 1/2" frame, it's a lot! I'll have to increase my exercise which I'm ready to do but it will be hard, seeing I don't like to move much! 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dr Day

No resting this morning. We had to be in H'ville at 10:40 AM to see Dr Phillips. I got Betty to sub for me at exercise. She didn't much want too, but she agreed. We were at the Dr's for two hours. The Dr's office had been effected by the tornado attacks too and they were back logged today. We stopped at McDonald's for lunch. I got a hamburger and a medium diet Coke. I'm getting in the diet mode and am thinking about calories. We didn't have to visit the pharmacy today but have another Dr visit in H'ville Wednesday and we'll get an Rx then. Good old Dr visits! If it weren't for them, we wouldn't get out at all.

I need to get outside to do some pruning and weeding but I can't work up any enthusiasm for the task. We'll have a large burn pile after the back walls are finished. We have a large tree stump to get rid of and if it's put on the burn pile, the pile will burn for a long time. Oh, the joys of country living!

I'm enjoying wearing my new PJ's. I have a couple of pair that I'll give to Sadie the next time I see her. I think I'll buy Frank a couple of new shirts for the pants he always wears to the Dr visits. Bring him on into the 21th century! That's for Father's Day. He has a birthday in June too. He'll want something electronic and I can't really help him in that category.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Pre-Mother's Day

Frank's Mother's day gift came today and so did Mary Kate's! Frank got me a set of three PJ's from Pajama Gram and they are very nice. Mary Kate got me a gown and necklace and earrings from Khol's. They are very nice too! It makes me feel very special. I like gifts!

The workers almost finished the retaining block- laying today. There's still a lot of work to be done, but it's starting to look good.

I made a pan of brownies for Dage and Shawn and Adam, the boys who take out our garbage. They are pretty faithful in doing it and I say "thanks" by baking brownies for them.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


I went to Curves today since I missed Wednesday. I went to Walmart afterward for groceries. I had called the store to see if they had restocked and they had. I got everything on my list and was glad.

Crews men delivered the blocks for the retaining wall today. I'll get to pick out how I want the top of the blocks to look like tomorrow. I was planning to go to the Senior Center for exercise but I might be a little late.

Karen just called to say that Dorothy Coleman just passed away. She had been sick a long while. The funereal will be after church Sunday at 1:00 PM. It's so sad for Sunday is Mother's Day.

I need to make an appointment to see Dr Walker about my shoulder pain. Going to Curves seems to make if feel better, but if I'm late taking my Arthrotec, I can feel the pain going down from my right shoulder to my elbow. The pain might be really bad if it weren't for the Arthrotec. Getting old is not for sissies!

Frank went to see Dr Rayburn today. He is the Dr who took out Frank's appendix. Frank hadn't followed up on his appointment and Dr Rayburn's office called and asked him to come in. All was well.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

To Gardendale

The temple trip was good. The car gets better gas mileage on the highway than in town. The weather was a little cool. It was 44 degrees F. when I got up. A sweater was in order but we were able to eat our lunch outside the temple in the little courtyard.

I've ordered a calorie counting book from Amazon. I've gained 7 lbs since 2009 and it's time to do something about it. Maybe it will motivate me to exercise more too. I could walk down the road in the mornings instead of going back to bed. I'll see how good this book is and how it motivates me.

Trudy's got electricity now. I haven't heard from her yet. I called but she said she would call me back but hasn't.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bill Paying Day

Paying bills on the computer is so much easier than doing it by hand. I remember the old way of writing checks, putting everything in the envelopes, closing the envelopes and putting stamps on them and carting them out to the mail box. What a chore! Then you had to balance the check-book. That's still a good thing to do today!

It's been raining all day today. I swept the floors and prepared lunch and had to wait on Dad to finish some computer work before we could pay bills. I want to get where I can do the bills by myself if something should happen to Frank. It's becoming easier the more I do it.

Trudy is still out of electricity I suppose. She has no phone with a land line so I can't get in touch with her. There is still a lot of work to be done to clean up after the storms of last week. TVA is working hard to get the power back on to Madison county. We were so fortunate that our electricity didn't go out.

Richard's choir has been in England. I hope he is back by now. Mary Kate and the kids have been home. The tornadoes hit parts of Georgia too.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Modem Not The Router

The modem has been down not the router. I don't know the difference between them but we couldn't get on the internet so something was wrong.

There weren't too many people at exercise today. Officially, the center was closed, they weren't serving any meals, but we could exercise and we did. The music wasn't on the right side but we carried on anyway. I use the music for clues to where I am in the exercises so it's a distraction to have the wrong music on.

There were two other people at Curves when I got there, but they left shortly after I came in. I didn't do 110% because I had missed last week, but it felt good afterwards anyway. I didn't stop at Walmart for I figured they hadn't stocked up after the tornadoes hit.

Went to Karen's for scripture study. They are having a new roof put on so we had to put up with some strange noises! Bro Decker was at my house cutting up the tree that had fallen because of the soggy ground and the high winds. We just have a stump and roots sticking out of the ground. Frank thinks he can get Mr Crews to pull the stump up and put it on the burn pile or take if off.

Richard has been in England with the choir he sings with. I pray that he will get home safely.

Ben Laden was killed last night or today. The US is celebrating. Ben Laden was responsible for the twin towers in NYC being destroyed. I was at Mary Kate's house when the first air plane flew into the first tower. I was in bed and didn't realize what was happening but when she came back and said a second air plane had hit the second tower, I got up quickly.

We go to the temple this Wednesday.