Friday, May 1, 2015


Frank was tired after the activities yesterday so he didn't go to  exercise. Tom did a great job of leading the exercises. Janet is in Arizona going to workshops for personal trainers. She'll be back Monday. I shopped for groceries after exercise.

I'll cook the veggies I got today, tomorrow. I need to make some more barley soup. I've still got some cabbage and smoked sausage left. I forgot to get a cabbage today.

Jordan is full of himself tonight and wants to play while I'm writing. The night is the best part of the day. It's when we get some snuggle time in. He doesn't sleep under the covers but he's right laying on my left hip and sometimes he has his head on my shoulder. Not much to say tonight.

Sent Frankie some money. He's gotten a private detective to see about this man that is living with Rachel. The PI said to get all his information before he takes her to court. 

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