Monday, May 11, 2015


Frank didn't want to go to exercise and Karen had a Dr appointment so I went by myself. It's always fun being with like minded people. I'm getting to know more names. We had two new ladies join with us and we had a large class. Afterwards, I stopped by the bank and got some blank deposit slips and had the clerk write my account number on one of them. I came home and wrote the number on all of the slips and now I have plenty of deposit slips ready to be used.

Tonight, we watched the DVD about Red Skeleton's life. There are 4 DVDs and the others have performances on them. It was good to learn about his life and what kind of person he was. Now we can watch his performances and appreciate them better.

Last night, we watched a National Geographic DVD and it was good. I've seen DVDs about Ireland and Scotland and other countries that now I'd like to get. Since I know how to work the DVD player, buying DVDs is going to my head! Now we can either watch a DVD or play a music CD at night.

Frankie and his friend, Jared, came at 2:45 PM Sunday. I had a roast with all the trimmings and a cake made for them. After they ate and talked a while, they got the 1990 Honda running and drove off back to Knoxville. Jared was driving Frankie's car while Frankie drove the '90. Later that night, Frankie called and said the alternator in the '90 Honda had quit working and the car was on the side of the interstate. He had insured it before he left here but when he called for roadside assistance, they told him it had to be 24 hrs so he was forced to call a wrecker. It was going to cost $202.00 to have it towed to his apartment in Knoxville and I let him use my Visa card to pay for it. He said he could put the alternator in the car himself. He knows a man who delivers pizza and is always going through cars that may want to buy it. He thinks he could get $1500.00 for it. That would help him pay off some bills.

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