Saturday, May 16, 2015


I cooked kale, broccoli and cabbage today. We ate the turkey and barley soup for lunch and still have plenty of that left.

I cut Frank's hair and beard and helped him get a shower. I had to go to Dollar General to get some milk. l shouldn't have too go shopping until Monday or Tuesday.

Tomorrow night we will go to the H'ville Stake center for Seminary graduation. Hopefully, Sadie and Trudy will be there. Trudy and Sadie have to travel back from 6 Flags in Atlanta to get home in time for it. Trudy will be in a world of hurt from all that driving and riding. Sadie has put a deposit on her apartment at BYU Idaho. She'll be going the winter semester or quarter and will be coming home for the summer. She is planning on going on a mission but she has to be 19 years old before she can go. She'll be 18 June 14th, 2015.

Georgia, Ashlee's mother, wants Trudy to help with the tables and chairs for the wedding. Trudy will see if she can get them from church. The wedding has gotten out of hand and is far too big for the finances the bride's mother can handle.

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