Monday, May 4, 2015


We didn't go the exercise today for Frankie was coming down. I went too town early and went by the pharmacy and then took a case of what I thought was Diet Pepsi back to Walmart. When I opened the case, it had a Walmart brand of Dr Thunder or something like that. It surely wasn't diet Pepsi. I went back to the drink isle and found that they had the diet Pepsi without caffeine so I got 2 cases of that. With my return, I only had to pay $2.46 for the two cases. I got home around 9 AM and Frankie came at 9:15 AM.

Frankie wanted to work on the 1990 Honda Accord and try to get it running. It's been sitting 2 1/2 years without being driven and I doubted it would run. He got some fresh gas and a new battery and got it going! He drove into town and got air in the tires and got the oil changed and the brakes looked at and they were good, so he was rather excited. We found the title and he printed off the forms that he needed for TN and before he left at 3:30 PM, he had Dad sign over the title to him. Since it was a family swap, he won't have to pay any taxes on it. He and a friend from work will come Sunday and drive it back to Knoxville. He told his friend that I would have a good home cooked meal for them and plus it was Mother's Day and he would get to see me. I told him to bring presents. I'll cook the pork pot roast I get in a kit at Walmart. I add extra little carrots so it will make more. Maybe I'll make some potato salad but not 5 lbs of it.

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