Tuesday, May 5, 2015


After breakfast, I went to Khol's in Madison. I got 3 pull overs and one pair of Capri's. I got Frank a plaid shirt, 100% cotton and a necklace and two pair of earrings. I can still wear all of my Capri's from last year but the dark blue pair really caught my eye. I looked at purses but had gotten one there last week, so wasn't tempted to get another one. I got back home by 10:00 AM. Frank and Jordan had been sitting together the entire time.

Trudy called and she and Sadie are coming over tomorrow night to spend the night. Trudy and Dad will watch a movie and I think Sadie has a dress to take back to Old Navy. We will have fun. Thursday, I have an appointment at 2 PM to take Jordan to the vet to get a culture of his right ear. It is still bothering him and the Dr said he'd send off a culture to a lab to see what it was. Too bad he didn't think to do this at the 1st visit when Jordan's ear was bothering him...

I wrote my VT letters today. Actually, they were cards. There's no VT message in the Ensign this month because it's the Conference issue so I just wrote a personal note to each sister. Some I know and most I don't. I have 6 inactive sisters to write to every month. I need to call the ones I don't know and try to talk to them personally. That would count as a contact and I would get to know them better.

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