Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Madison Again

After exercise, Frank and I went to Khol's to swap out the two pair of pants I bought him yesterday. They were too long. I couldn't find a 38/28 and got two 38/29 instead. They will have to be a little too long. One pair has pleats and I didn't notice. He said he would try them on and see if he liked the pleats. I sort of wanted to eat catfish but decided to just go on home for lunch. Then, when we got back into Athens, I went to Lawler's Barbeque and got a pound of pulled pork and we had barbeque sandwiches for lunch. They have the best barbeque.

I got a new purse. It's almost too small. It's a cross body and I like that. Everything fits, tightly, but I like the freedom it gives my hands.

Mary Kate is planning on all of us coming down to her house for the 4th of July. She wants us to bring Jordan, too. It would be a fun trip. I haven't heard it from her mouth. Trudy told me when she got back from visiting Mary Kate.

Tomorrow, we take Gert to Hartselle to see Doc Jan and get his wings clipped. He acts like he's going to fly around the room with his cage. This will be the third time his wings have been clipped and then grew right back. Rikki's wings haven't grown out. He has two feathers that have grown out on one wing and one feather that is starting to grow out on the other. If it's just cut, it will continue to grow on out and I'm going to see if Doc Jan can pull that feather out, if it won't hurt Gert too much. I hate to have to try and get him into his carrier for he puts up such a battle with me. I have to towel him and sometimes I get a nasty bite out of trying. It's about a 40 minute drive to Hartselle plus the 30 plus minutes in with the Dr. We always have a good visit because we've been taking our birds to her for over 24 years and we usually get a hug. How many people get a hug from their vets?

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