Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Middle of the Week

Frank and I went to exercise this morning. Karen showed up. I didn't expect her home until the 11th but they got home last night late. They had a good trip to Utah to babysit grandchildren while their daughter and husband went on a 10th anniversary trip. Exercise is always fun.

Had to stop by the PO to get stamps for my VT letters. I wanted some unusual stamps like I got last time, but the computers were down and all I could get was the usual ones. Then we stopped by the bank to make a deposit and came home.

Trudy and Sadie were coming over to spend the night tonight but Sadie isn't feeling well. They may come over tomorrow but I said if she was sick not to come over. Frank still has a wheezing cough from the last time we were sick a few months ago and I don't want to chance getting sick again.

Jordan is a really playful dog. He's 3 years old but acts like a puppy. He runs from the couch to the rug I have in the kitchen back to the couch. I egg him on by throwing one of his toys to the rug which he runs after it and then back to the couch with a running jump. I was chopping up some broccoli and I chop up the tender part of the stalk, too, and I gave Jordan a piece and he ate it. He'll eat cooked cabbage, especially the cabbage I've cooked with the smoked sausage in it. If we're eating it, he's interested. He only gets nibbles because I want him to eat his dog food and not depend on our handouts. He goes back tomorrow at 2 PM to get his ear cultured. It's been bothering him a lot this last 10 days. That's the time in between vet visits. Maybe we can cure his ear problem this time. 

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