Monday, May 18, 2015

Usual Monday Things

We all went to exercise. Frank's using the 5 lb weights now. I use them, too.      

I ordered a cheap, motorized treadmill today from ebay. I will probably regret getting it but it's done. We have so much exercise equipment we don't use. Maybe I can get Frank to use it, too.

Got a big shipment from Amazon today. I got Jordan's monthly order of Hill's Science Diet dog food which came just at the right time for I was getting really low on his food. I also had ordered 10 bottles of Citrical Petites and they came with the dog food. I have some dog food I bought at Pet Depot that I can take back because Jordan likes the Science Diet better and I saved the receipt. I had thrown away the receipt today not knowing what it was for but thinking about the dog food, I realized what the receipt was for. I'll take it back the next time he gets groomed or runs out of his favorite chews. I give him a chew every time we leave the house without him.

Frankie wrote me a Mother's Day song and emailed it to me. It was very pretty and sentimental. He played it for Mariam and Josh and they cried. They love their mother, too. One lady at church said that was the best thing to give a mother. He's pretty talented. He plays the piano and trumpet with a band, now. They are all retired guys and they needed a keyboard man. The chords are really basic and Frankie plays them by ear, I think. He's not really a keyboard person but he know the chord progressions. They played their first gig at a Farmer's Market in a small town in TN. They didn't get paid, but they all got a box of produce and the people all chipped in and gave them some gas money. They want them to come back!

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