Thursday, May 14, 2015


I went to Goody's to look for clothes for the (Forrest's) wedding. Trudy didn't sleep well last night so she didn't come over to go shopping like we planned, so I went by myself. I found a dress with a coat and a skirt and top that looked good and they were 50% off. I also got a black wrinkly skirt. Now, I have three black skirts. Trudy came over after lunch and said either dressy dress would do. It would be hot for the dress with the jacket in August so I guess I'll wear the dark navy top and chevron patterned  skirt. I got 2 pair of earrings, blue and red, too.

Trudy will spend the night tonight and tomorrow she wants to look at Goody's for pants. Goody's opens at 10 AM and if we go to H'ville, that will put us later getting back. Trudy is leaving to go to Mary Kate's in LaGrange, GA after we finish shopping. She has to pick Sadie up in Atlanta 6 Flags and get her back home for Seminary graduation Sunday at 5-6 PM. Frank and I will go to that. I ordered a pair of yellow sun glasses to help me see better at night and they came in today. I don't like to drive at night anymore and hope these glasses will help the times I am out past sunset.

Frankie wrote me a Mother's Day song and sent it by email. It's very pretty and sentimental. Now I can say I've had a song written for me.

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