Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Everyone went to exercise today. Janet had taken my booklet about the chair exerciser and had marked the exercises we can skip. There were exercises there that were almost alike and if I tried to do all of them, I would get tired. I'm thinking about getting up at 6 AM every day and reading my scriptures and using the exercise chair. I need to do these things and I let other things get in the way, mainly the TV. I don't like a quiet house and want the TV or radio or something going all the time. I can have music for the exercise but need quiet for the study. I'm just nibbling on the scriptures instead of feasting. I'll try reading out loud tomorrow morning and see if that doesn't help.

Tomorrow, I meet Trudy at Khol's in Madison to start shopping for the wedding. Trudy said she would bring some color swatches so we could get an idea of what colors are being used. I will need a skirt and top since I'm so short- waisted. Trudy has to have pants since she can't sit up because of her back surgery. I don't remember seeing many skirts at Khol's but we can start there. Maybe JC Penny's would have someone to help us find the things we're looking for. We will go there, too. I'm meeting her there at 9 AM since that's when they open. Penny's probably opens at 10 AM. Can't stay too long since I don't want to leave Frank longer than necessary.

Hey, Kathy! The pictures of the twins birthday were great! I like your red hair. Looks nice.

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