Tuesday, May 19, 2015


I went to Khol's today. I got Frank a pale yellow-beige dress shirt and a nice yellow and brown tie plus a blue dress shirt. I got his two pair of pants but I guessed on the length.  30" sounded good but they were too long. I need a 28" length. I got a black 3/4 length shirt for me and a black and white mini pleated skirt. I tried on a pretty green-aqua skirt and top but it made me look like a flying squirrel so I put them back.

I went to Academy Sports to take back the pair of shoes I had just bought because my toes were at the end. They didn't feel that way when I tried them on. I swapped them for another pair that cost a little more. Hopefully, they will fit right.

Tomorrow, after exercise, I will take the pants back to Khol's and try to see if they have any 38/28  pants. I saw some 29' lengths and they would do if I can't find any 28". Frank has 3 pair of cotton pants he was been wearing for years. We got them from Land's End. He hasn't worn them much over the years still he needs some new, up-dated pants. He looks good when I get him all dressed up. He'll really look good in the pale yellow/beige shirt with the yellow and brown tie. I had a 30% off coupon. It's good until tomorrow.

Got some Jublia for my toe fungus. I hope it works for I'm tired of having a yukky, discolored big toe. Getting old is not for sissies.

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