Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bird Vet

Frank and I and Gert went to Hartselle to see the bird Vet. Doc Jan sees all kinds of animals but she's especially good with birds. Gert needed his wings and nails cut. I hadn't been spraying the birds (2) with water so his feathers didn't look good. After clipping his nails and wings,  she gave him a bath, which didn't take a long time. He nailed my left hand good when I toweled him to get him in the carrier.

The wedding present I got for Forrest and Ashlee came in today. I got them 6 towels. A bath towel, a face towel and a wash cloth, a piece. Someone gave me two towels for a wedding present and they lasted for many years. I got a rusty red color. It probably won't match anything they get but I'm going to tell them the color is to remind them of the passion they have for each other. I got a shower invite for June 6th in Fayetteville, TN. I'll get with Trudy to see if I can go with her.

Jordan goes to the groomers at Pet Depot Saturday morning to get a cut. He has grown out since last grooming. He went to see Dr Pitman today for his ears. He got some more meds to put in his ear and some pills. I have to do both twice a day. I was successful getting the pill down his throat and hopefully I'll continue to be successful doing that. He sleeps with his head on my shoulder sometimes and usually sleeps near my pillow.

His using the piddle pads but sometimes he'll just get his feet on the pad and then pee on the edge and then I have to clean up the floor. I had been using some Clorox spray on the floor, but it was irritating Gert's eyes. I know not to use spray products around the birds, I just forgot. Now, to clean the floor, I'll just go in another room, close the door and spray the paper towel and then do the clean up. He's such a sweet dog.

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