Saturday, October 5, 2013

General Conference

I was so tired after all my activity Friday that I slept through some of the talks and wasn't very attentive to the others. My mind hasn't been receptive so I guess it was tired too. I took a shower this morning and have worn my Muumuu all day. Didn't even put on make-up but did wear a new pair of hoop earrings! Love the earrings.

Got a letter from the lawyer Trudy and I are going to see next week. It will cost $250.00 an hour. Connie Glass is her name and she is an Elder Care lawyer. It's mainly about estate planning but we don't have much of an estate to plan. Trudy will be the executor of the will and I will need to get a durable power of attorney but I don't know what else there needs to be done. I have to find copies of bank statements and the banks don't send out statements anymore so I guess I'll have to go by the banks and get a statement on paper. I'll need the deed to our car and I got a deed to our house Friday. Frank and I will have to get into the fining cabinet and try to find things.

We have an account at Compass bank that the Social Security goes into that the bank says is a savings account and I have been writing checks on it. I'll have to go to the bank Monday and have them change it to a regular checking account. I pay the tithing out of it and anything that I think should come out of it. So much comes out of the main account at Regions automatically that I don't always know how much money is in the account and I use the Compass account to fall back on.

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